The process of selling your property is simple and more so if you have good advice, this will guarantee there is no mistake or any missunderstanding during the process

One of the most important phases before selling your property is when the agent makes an analysis of what would be a fair price, and the most convenient way to sell your home. This will ensure that your property sale process is effective. The agent should be representing the transaction at all times to ensure your benefit.
A careful calculation of the home value is the first and an important part of this process, which takes into consideration aspects of the market, supply, demand, and the location of the property. Once the price is agreed according to the analysis, the agent will register the information and specifications of the property in the Toronto Real Estate Board, in order to have the property published in the MLS (Multiple Listing System), so all Realtors Licensed in the Province of Ontario, can have access to your property.
Also, our team applies different advertising and marketing strategies, ensuring that your property is constantly exposed until sold. Some of these strategies are Open Houses, property advertising in newspapers and local magazines, advertising through Networking, postings on Web pages and sites of interest to those who are in search of homes.
There are important issues that should be taken into consideration, for owner-sellers of the property and represent a fundamental part of the sale process. One of these is the maintenance of the property, which must be in perfect order and cleanliness during the sale period which makes it more attractive. It is also important to repair any damage visible or not visible, whose existence might affect the desirability of the property in the eyes of the buyer. It is also important to implement flexible schedules for visits of potential buyers, as this significantly increases the chances of selling the property.
Another element to consider for selling your property is the date, we can assure you from experience that the best date for the sale of a property is Spring. This is because the buyer would take possession of the house during Summer, thus the possibility that the schools are on holiday, makes easier for families to move.
There are many aspects to consider when deciding to sell your property, but the most important is to make the right choice when you hire the professional services of your agent. Because of his professionalism, honesty and ability, depend the success of tthe negotiation.  So we remind you that our team consists of professionals who are always at your service, supporting and ensuring your interests.
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