Exciting time! When we go in search of a house that will be your home, or source of savings for investment  for the next few years. Whatever the case, it is exciting to know that you are taking a step forward in the future, as it is the potential that in five years the property of your choice can  give you between 70 and $ 90,000 in capital gains, depending on the price and type of housing.
The process is divided into 4 stages. Property Search, Bid Submission, Negotiation of Terms and Conditions Compliance.
We search the property  through  the MLS TORONTO Toronto Real Estate Board, and other sources of information in order to provide you with as many options as possible. We present you the best available property listings at the time of the search, we give you access to the history of sales and prices of that specific area. So when preparing and negotiating the offer, we know what happens in the area and if the price of the property, is appropriate or above the real value.
After analyzing the housing, the area, the physical conditions and current market factors, proceed to the elaboration of a conditional contract of purchase and sale. We register the contract as an offer, with the office that represents the interests of the seller of the home. Then contact the agent representing the seller, you are informed of the intention to make the offer to a specific time and day.
Then we hope this response, to coordinate the location and time of submission of the offer in person, or if you prefer faxed. This will depend on the conditions of the seller and yourself. If the offer is submitted in person, which is the most convenient, drive to a place determined by the sellers, present the office and start negotiating. Every case is different but the goal is the same, get the price and the most favorable terms for you. 


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