By: Dionis Padron

Inexpensive ways to make your life and home greener!

Tags: Earth day, green home, green life, water saving, water usage, environmentally conscious, inexpensive green options

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

In our day to day life is easy to forget that natural resources are limited, especially since for so many of us they're so easily accessible. Today is a great day to remember the little and inexpensive things that can be done to better preserve our planet from the comfort of your home.
  1. Use natural cleaning products - These days amazing natural/organic cleaning products are available in every department store at very inexpensive prices. However, if your afraid that they won't work quite like your old ones and can't bring yourself to buy them, try using things you already have in your home such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. There are million options online on how to use these products, and we can attest that they work as well as Windex or any other commercial detergent. Give them a try!
  2. Turn off your computer- Even when your computer in set to "sleep", it's still consuming energy. By turning it off you can help the environment, while saving some pennies on your next hydro/power bill!
  3. Buy rechargeable batteries- It's amazing the amount of money that rechargeable batteries save in the long run. If that weren't reason enough keep in mind that batteries comprise of many toxic chemicals and elements such as lead, nickel, mercury and cadmium. When these elements are not properly disposed, they enter the environment and accumulate over generations causing disease, defects, and animal poisoning. By using rechargeable batteries you'll save the planet of hundreds of unnecessary disposed batteries. 
  4. Update your light bulbs- Energy Saving Bulbs can seem like a considerable investment in the short run, however it will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in your monthly hydro/power bill. 
  5. Reduce water usage- This may be a difficult one for everyone who considers shower/bath time relaxation time. However, by scheduling one longer shower a week, and keeping the other ones between 5 and 10 minutes, you'll save hundreds in your water bill and help the environment. 

Picture by Lauren Manning